Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors

Williamsburg Handmade Oil ColorsBringing the Williamsburg brand under our care has brought a high level of excitement throughout our GOLDEN community. One would think that after 600 years of history, study, trial, and error, all that needs to be known about the oil media is already known — no space for discovery, argument or conjecture as to its technical requirements or manufacture. Yet it may be possible this time honored media may hold even more discoveries than the much more complex formula of the modern acrylic media. As we fill in many of the gaps with our research, it is incredibly energizing to see there are still so many areas of study and investigation for us to pursue. We are determined to begin sharing this research and even more importantly, to begin to peel back some of the mythology that surrounds the requirements for the highest level of expression of an oil paint.

Carl Plansky developed a line of color in which each pigment has its own characteristic and sensibility, so with Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors, we don’t have one line of oil paint, we have over 140 different oil paints. We have had so many wonderful responses from dedicated Williamsburg customers — artists devoted to Carl’s paint — all with the concern that we maintain the quality and essence of the brand. That we continue to honor the context in which each of these colors was developed. Our commitment to all our customers is that we will continue to maintain that clear voice that Carl expressed in his colors. To that we will add the very significant resources of this company, to make sure that this promise doesn’t drift and that every artist can have the confidence that these will continue to be amongst the best oil paints made.

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