By Mark Golden

We’re delighted to share in this Just Paint some innovative products and processes that have kept us invigorated and challenged as we start the New Year. We’re stepping with both feet into the world of digital art. This was not done without a good deal of lively debate, understanding what we could truly contribute to the field. Our new Digital Grounds and Gel Topcoats allow for an unfettered flow of creativity from the land of the virtual to the real, with significant opportunities for artists to engage in a process that previously had been ruled by whatever software or hardware was available. We hope these products bring back the “hand of the artist” in very unique, profound ways.

We’re also introducing new “Experimental Products” for 2008. One is a blast from the past…modern Silverpoint Ground, which provides for similar feel and look of the “traditional” grounds in a much more permanent form. We’ve also stepped off the edge with four new “Eccentric Gels”. There’s no other way to describe these products – they do things that any alchemist would die for.

Departing from new product for a moment, the GOLDEN factory has undergone some wonderful changes over the last year. We unveiled our recent addition to manufacturing, our reverse osmosis water reclamation system, allowing us to significantly reduce our environmental impact and maintain our course in making better uses of our natural resources. And just this past June, we opened our new 2,000 sq. ft. gallery space, celebrating many friends who have over the years made this company possible. Finally, we were all honored when GOLDEN employees recently received the 2008 NY/NJ ESOP Association Chapter’s Company of the Year Award from the ESOP Association. Congratulations everyone!

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