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Dear Just Paint readers,

We’ve just reached our 30th edition of Just Paint and with it, just a moment of reflection on what we have tried to create with our newsletter. First, a huge thank you to our Editor for the last 20 issues of Just Paint, Jodi O’Dell. Without her dedication to this process, I’d still be on issue #11.

The focus of Just Paint has always been to provide artists, material specialists, colleagues and friends with the most updated research, information and happenings here at GOLDEN. Many of our articles have become significant additions for the advancement of research in modern materials. Some are just to inform you of the exciting things happening at the facility and with the Golden Foundation. We’ve done our best to keep the promotional content at bay, but sometimes we just need to shout with excitement as we bring on-board new products to share with you. Such is the case in this issue as Sarah Sands shares the introduction of the New Williamsburg Safflower Oil colors as well as Scott Bennett’s article on using refillable markers with our GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics.

We have also used Just Paint to present topics that resonate with our customers in conversations with our Technical Team. The questions around mural painting have steadily increased. To this end we are delighted that Jenny Wiley Arena from Heritage Preservation agreed to provide an introduction to their new website, which has been years in the making and is the most complete resource for ‘best practices’ for creating public murals. Mike Townsend has added an additional resource by sharing insights into best practices for choosing colors for murals.

Another topic receiving more attention is the resurgence of artists using Fluorescent colors in artwork. Amy McKinnon shares her research on the materials that literally cry out for attention. Finally, we update you on the activities at Golden Artist Colors where we get to share with you our Kids Day event and the next “Made In Paint” show of the 2013 Artist Residents at the Golden Foundation. We hope you enjoy our 30th as I get to enjoy my 60th!

Warmest regards,

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