The Dangers of Curiosity

Each time we discuss the planning of our next Just Paint, the entire Technical group waits in anticipation of having their projects accepted for inclusion. We try to plan at least a year in advance because a good deal of watching paint dry often accompanies the work.

In writing about cotton fabric supports I began by assembling the research in the field and soon curiosity took over and created the veritable rabbit hole of information. So after assembling our own work and the work of many different authors, and revisiting the work on preparing canvas in our Just Paint Issue 23 by the very talented Paintings Conservator, James Bernstein, curiosity got the better of me.

For example, did you know that Duck® Tape got its name because it was originally constructed with a cotton fabric to which an adhesive was applied, and duck came from the Dutch word ‘doek’, which means linen canvas? And that the word ‘canvas’ was derived from the Latin cannapaceus, the Latin word for cannabis and subsequently, the old French ‘canevas’, or hemp fabric. And that Duck® Tape became Duct Tape when it was painted silver and used to seal metal heating ducts.

Thankfully, you were all saved by Sarah Sands who graciously wrote our section on “Preparing Canvas for Oils”. And as our usual fare, both Scott Bennett and Sarah have shared some of the new GOLDEN Experimental Acrylic products and our new Special Edition Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors.

Finally, we are also delighted to include a brief introduction by Joyce Hill Stoner to the newly published book, “CONSERVATION OF EASEL PAINTINGS”. After 7 years and with contributions from 79 authors, Joyce Hill Stoner and Rebecca Rushfield have pulled together what is to date the most complete compendium of the practice of art conservation. So if you’re as curious as us, I am sure that this book will be a ‘must have’ addition to your studio practice.

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