Just Paint #November 2015

Image 1 - Showing a side by side drawdown of GOLDEN N8 Neutral Gray, Titanium White, and between them, a 7:1 blend of GOLDEN Titanium White to GOLDEN N8 Neutral Gray. The scale shown underneath is an official Munsell® Neutral Value Scale, Matte Edition.

Neutral Gray Number 9

If comparing GOLDEN’s Neutral Gray series to the Munsell® Grey Scale that they are based on, you might quickly realize that one step is missing – namely N9, the Munsell® gray that is one step below pure white. And clearly the natural question is why? When the Neutral Grays were first created it was felt […]

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Preparing Panels for a Life Outdoors

Most painters have a sense of how to prepare panels for oil and acrylic paintings when they are meant to be shown indoors, and we even published a couple of Just Paint articles on the topic: Understanding Wood Supports for Art – A Brief History Plywood as a Substrate for Painting However for both Muralists […]

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