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Open palette differnet times Solvent Compatibility

You’d think we had to get hit on the head with a rock to recognize that if we provided visual artists with visual tools, we’d probably make our efforts to share information much easier. Well now we think we’ve got something to more closely meet your needs and desires. Due to requests from consumers, GOLDEN has begun creating technical videos that cover many of the common product questions the company’s Technical Services Department receives on a regular basis. The power of video allows complex topics to be explained quickly and clearly with minimal subjective interpretation. GOLDEN is committed to producing a substantial number of videos covering many diverse technical questions. Below is a list of the videos currently available, along with short descriptions of content.

Each video can be found on the Web site in the “Technical Info” section as well as on the GOLDEN Company page of Artists can download the videos or link to them using a simple cut-and-paste method from the YouTube™ video page.

GOLDEN MSA Varnish – Correcting Incompatible Mixtures gives procedures regarding how to correct a batch of MSA Varnish accidentally thinned with an incompatible solvent.

GOLDEN MSA Varnish – Solvent Compatibility Test explains how to test for solvent compatibility when thinning MSA Varnishes.

GOLDEN MSA Varnish – Thinning details the materials necessary and the steps for thinning MSA Varnish.

Creating and Printing on Acrylic Skins with GOLDEN Acrylics and Digital Grounds offers step-by-step instruction on creating and printing on Acrylic Skins with GOLDEN Acrylics and Digital Grounds.

Printing on Specialty Papers with GOLDEN Digital Grounds shows the use of GOLDEN Digital Grounds to coat specialty papers with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, including tips for making your projects simple and problem free.

GOLDEN Clear Tar Gel shows the properties, proper mixing and color addition, and uses of GOLDEN Clear Tar Gel.

GOLDEN Silverpoint / Drawing Ground demonstrates the ease of application, properties and uses of GOLDEN Silverpoint / Drawing Ground.

Working Time on Sealed vs. Unsealed Surfaces with OPEN Acrylics demonstrates the level of control in drying time that one can get when working on the appropriate surface for specific techniques.

OPEN Acrylics vs. Heavy Body Acrylics – Four Days on an Uncovered Palette is a unique demonstration of the vast difference between these two very popular products.

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