Just Paint #7


What’s New!

Panspectra™ Colors are the result of innovative new technology for creating pigments that change color when viewed at different angles. These unique pigments yield bright, metallic finishes that exhibit incredible color shift, covering nearly the entire spectrum of visible light. These pigments are completely different from traditional organic or inorganic pigments. Call for a free […]

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Just Make Paint

It may seem peculiar for GOLDEN, a manufacturer of acrylic paint products for artists, to feature a Do-It-Yourself Paint (DIY) segment in the JUST PAINT newsletter. However, it makes sense. Our Technical Department frequently receives calls from artists looking for tips for either making or modifying their existing paint. To assist those people, this issue […]

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Bucket of Brushes

Schools Sing the Blues Over Heavy Metals

Is your art department generating hazardous wastes? The answer to this question is being sought by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as they focus enforcement efforts on universities and colleges across the country. Of course, art departments aren’t the only generators of hazardous waste in an educational environment. The list also includes chemistry and biology […]

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