Just Paint #32

Oil Swatches

A Palette of Textures

“Do you like oil paint?” It’s a seemingly, almost deceptively simple question, and one that I use at the start of almost every Williamsburg lecture and demo. It’s adapted from an anecdote in The Writing Life by Annie Dillard, where a young student, wanting to know if they could become a writer, is asked: “do […]

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Variety of OPEN Acrylics

Monoprinting with OPEN Acrylics ‐ Endless Exploration!

A foray into printmaking using OPEN Acrylics as the primary printing ink and because the possibilities don’t stop there, a few experiments with High Flow Acrylics and QoR© Watercolors as inks. This foray is by no means comprehensive, but rather a journey of possibilities and experimentation. Our adventure begins with OPEN Acrylics as our “ink.” […]

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Ne Williamsburg Colors

New Special Edition Colors from Williamsburg

Williamsburg Handmade Oils announces the release of five Special Edition colors that continue to expand the range and options for oil painters. As mentioned previously in this edition of Just Paint, Williamsburg is proud to have one of the broadest variations of pigment grinds available in artist oil paints. This allows artists to determine what […]

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A Long and Lonely Year, Acrylic on Canvas, 67" x 100"

Stacy Brock Up Close

Mark Golden: Can you tell me when you knew you wanted to be an artist? Stacy Brock: From birth. I was born a painter. I never wanted to be anything else. Mark: Were there specific mentors or inspiration at home, or at school, in grammar school or high school? Stacy: My father was and still […]

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Ultramarine Blue

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Ultramarine Blue stands, and has stood for a while, in fact for years, decades, centuries, as a pillar unbroken, unmovable, not fazed by its position or status. Ultramarine Blue has enjoyed a prominent position in palettes that span from sixth and seventh century A.D. into the contemporary palette of our new QoR® Watercolor line. Such […]

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C.P. Cadmium Orange

Will Cadmium Colors Always be on the Palette? (PART 2)

In our original article, which appeared in Just Paint Issue 4 (October 1996), we discussed the changing regulatory landscape concerning cadmium pigments, the potential for restrictions on their use in artist paints, and the suitability of potential alternative pigments. In this article we describe the process and results of an attempt to ban cadmium in […]

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Made In Paint

Made in Paint

This March we will embark on our 4th year of the Golden Foundation Residency Program. As we welcome our first group of artists for 2015, we are also preparing for the 3rd annual ‘Made In Paint’ Exhibition here in New Berlin, N.Y. The ‘Made In Paint’ Exhibition focuses on the exploration of materials as well […]

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