Just Paint #31

QoR Tube

New QoR Modern Watercolor

A tube of paint is opened, pressure is applied, material comes out and it just works. It is this consistent function of a product that allows artists to focus on larger issues such as what to paint and how to achieve it. As both an artist and a Formulator, I am still amazed every time […]

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Cold Pressed Molded Cold Pressed Rough

Paint and Paper: Making a Watercolor

Watercolor paper is an active part in the creation of a painting, for watercolor artists paint with their paper rather than simply upon it. For this reason, which watercolor paper an artist selects influences both the painting process and the finished painting. Paper choice can be as personal as color palette and subject, and it […]

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Value of Plastics as a Painting Support

Artists have been using plastics as a substrate for their work since their development as a consumer material. Early plastics were heralded with such acclaim that they were awarded special honors during the London 1862 World’s Fair. These nitrocellulose plastics were used in constructions by artists Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevsner in their work of […]

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Good Wetting and Poor Wetting

Acrylics on Plastics

By Vaikunt Raghavan, Ph.D. Basics of Wetting and Adhesion When a liquid comes into contact with any solid, new interfaces or boundaries are generated between these dissimilar materials. Although many factors exist which will promote or inhibit adhesion of the acrylic paint onto the solid plastic, the most important element is the ability of the […]

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The Science Behind QoR

Dow® Chemical first patented our new watercolor binder for QoR, (Poly(2-ethyl-w-oxazoline) in 1977. It is now more commonly known as Aquazol® when it was licensed to another manufacturer. Among its several unique properties was its solubility in a wide range of solvents including water. Its properties for use as an adhesive were first investigated by […]

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QoR Watercolor Effects

QoR Mediums and Grounds

The recent introduction of QoR®, our new and original take on watercolors, gave us the opportunity to broaden the range of techniques and applications possible with a companion line of Mediums and Grounds. QoR Grounds greatly expand the breadth of surfaces that can accept watercolor paint and provide the freedom to create original surfaces by […]

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Wax Medium blended with Williamsburg's Slate Black and Alizarin Orange Oil Colors.

Williamsburg Wax Medium

From the very beginning, oil painters have used mediums to extend, modify, tweak and transform their paint in one way or another. These have run the gamut from the simple use of solvents when creating an initial wash to much more complex concoctions and recipes that involve the blending of various oils, resins, balsams, and […]

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Williamsburg Upside Down Can

Turning the World of Cans Upside Down

Recently we set about testing a variety of solutions for what has been a constant problem: preventing a can of paint from forming a skin, especially when stored for months or even years at a time. Plastic wrap pressed against the surface definitely worked, but also created a mess when being removed, while anti-skinning sprays […]

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Friedel Dzubas Monumental Works

Friedel Dzubas Monumental Works

By the middle of the twentieth century the traditional notion of the artists studio, that of the ‘garret’, gave way to the availability of spacious commercial lofts in downtown New York City that had been abandoned in the post-war period. As manufacturing moved out of New York, artists moved into these spaces. Easels were dispensed […]

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Made In Paint

Made In Paint

The second annual Made in Paint exhibition opening was among the most highly attended events hosted by the Golden Foundation to date. Approximately 300 visitors filled the Sam and Adele Golden Gallery (The SAGG) on April 12, 2014 to view the works of 20 artists from around the world. These talented artists’ works came together […]

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