Just Paint #30

The thirteen new Safflower colors feature a light blue 'SF' as a watermark on their label to clearly distinguish them as colors made with a different binder.

Williamsburg’s New Safflower Colors

The evidence was undeniable as our eyes swung slowly across the drawdowns that spread out before us. The handful of initial colors ground in every possible combination of oil all pointed to a similar conclusion: there was something here that simply could not be ignored. The clarity of the colors was exceptional and in some […]

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Fluorescent Magenta.10 mil. Uncoated, with Isolation Coat, and with 2 coats MSA Varnish. Left is unexposed, right after 1 year exposure.

Selecting the Best Exterior Mural Pigments

An exterior mural is likely the most extreme test for lightfastness and weatherability of a paint system. One of our most popular Application Information Sheets, “Painting Exterior Murals” is the culmination of decades of experience and research. If you have never read it, please do. You will soon realize a mural is only as durable […]

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