Just Paint #29

High Flow Tools

New High Flow Acrylics

It’s all about a fear of water, the art of levitation, and the fact that size matters. From there it’s just an issue of context. Down one path are tales of summer pool parties and magic shows; down the other a world of pigment particles coaxed into fluid paint. Considering we are about to pull […]

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Plywood For Painting

Plywood as a Substrate for Painting

Quality Panels The inevitable questions about plywood include “How do I pick a quality panel for my paintings?” (assuming you’re looking for quality) and “How do I prepare the panels for painting?” A panel good enough for an artist to use should have one side (call it A) whose surface is smooth and free of […]

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Made In Paint

MADE IN PAINT at the Sam & Adele Golden Gallery

April 13, 2013 marked the opening of an exhibition of works by the Golden Foundation’s 2012 Artists in Residence. These seven talented artists were not only the first to attend the Golden Foundation Residency program in 2012, but were those who marked, with distinction, the 2013 inaugural year of the Foundation’s alumni gallery show, Made […]

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