Just Paint #28

Cotton 10 to 12


By Mark Golden Whether painting in oils, acrylics or other traditional or non-traditional painting media, the quality and physical make-up of the support and its preparation is a critical determinant of the final outcome of a work of art. The support not only sets up the working properties of the chosen media but it also […]

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Testing for strikethrough of oil ground on top of a size. Dark areas on back of canvas show where oil from the ground has penetrated through.

Preparing a Canvas for Oil Painting

By Sarah Sands with Amy McKinnon What follows is mainly about the materials needed to prepare a canvas for oil painting. Many important elements have been left out completely: stretcher bars, cross bracing, how to stretch a canvas or mount it to panel, instructions on applying the products, use of backer boards, pre-washing, etc. Some […]

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Conservation of Easel Paintings

Edited by Joyce Hill Stoner and Rebecca Rushfield After seven years of work and including essays by seventy-nine international author-experts, Conservation of Easel Paintings is now available from Taylor and Francis, and, etc. David Bomford, formerly Acting Director at the Getty Museum and currently Director of Conservation at the Museum of Fine Arts, […]

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The first snowfall of the season.

The Barn

Ring Ring. “Golden Foundation, this is Emma, may I help you?” “Yeah, I’m calling about the barn…” “Do you mean the Golden Residency?” “That’s right, the barn…, and where are you again?” The barn. Artists have defined it for us, even though we keep calling it The Residency. And what a first year it’s been […]

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Williamsburg Neutral Grays

Williamsburg’s Special Edition Neutral Grays

It started innocently enough, the email slipping silently into the queue of our Inbox: “I was just wondering,” wrote the customer, “if there has been any thought of making a range of Munsell Neutral Grays in oil paints, similar to the ones in GOLDEN acrylics? I’m not holding my breath but this would be fantastic.”So […]

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Four Chromatic Blacks showing undertones via thin film, washes and glazes from bottom to the top.

Four New Experimental Products

All painters soon discover that black is not black. Black is, like any color, a general term used to describe a large range of colors. We have three blacks in our Heavy Body, Fluid and OPEN Acrylics: Carbon Black, Mars Black and Bone Black. While all three of these are nominally black, they are formed […]

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Eesha, 2012, Acrylic on Linen, 80” x 65”

Knox Martin at The SAGG

  Last August we celebrated the opening of an exhibition of works by Knox Martin, entitled “SHE” at the Sam & Adele Golden Gallery (The SAGG) in our facility. “SHE” presents over a dozen recent large scale works by Knox Martin. Knox continues his powerful use of metaphor applied to these paintings of Woman. Knox […]

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