Just Paint #25

Figure 1

Weighing In on the Drying of Oils

For several days now the painting was on fire. Not a literal one – no flames or smoke wafting into the air, no one scurrying to find a fire extinguisher. Rather it was a slow, barely perceptible simmering under the surface as unsaturated fatty acids reacted with oxygen in a process frequently described as a […]

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Ulysses Jackson Up Close

Mark Golden: Ulysses, tell me a little bit about growing up and your connection to the world of art. Ulysses Jackson: Certainly the arts were a big part of my family growing up. I don’t think that I ever wanted to be a visual artist initially. I thought I was going to be a musician […]

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Top: St. Andrew Cross, Bottom: Global Hamonized System (GHS) pictograms.

Label Update

A lot has happened in the ten years since we embraced what we termed “Reality Labeling” on GOLDEN Acrylics, as reported in Issue 8 of Just Paint, published in April of 2001. At that time, we announced our decision to incorporate advice on our labels indicating to the user that “most chemicals are not fully […]

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Pictogram indicating
danger of spontaneous

Williamsburg Health and Safety Updates

Williamsburg Dry Pigments have recently been evaluated for conformance to ASTM D 4236 and have been appropriately labeled in order to be suitable for household use. The exception is Cadmium pigments, which, due to their potential hazard when inhaled, are now restricted to Professional Use Only, and are not available through stores or available for […]

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