Just Paint #23


OPEN Acrylics Matures to 80 (Colors that is)

These products are truly unique so we’re extremely pleased with how quickly the artist community has embraced this new innovation in acrylic paint. They are like no other acrylic product and this has dramatically increased the range of options now available to painters.It was just over two years ago that OPEN Acrylics was launched. Unimaginable […]

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One of the Most Treasured Professional Artist Oils in the U.S. Joins with One of the World’s Most Respected Names in Artist Colors

Barbara Schindler, President of Golden Artist Colors, shared, “We are very excited to be making Williamsburg Oils. I’m delighted that we were able to offer positions in our company to all staff from Williamsburg. Retaining the staff responsible for producing quality Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors was an important objective. Working with the employees from Williamsburg […]

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Following the Research on the Acrylic Medium

It is hard to believe that when Golden Artist Colors made its debut in 1980 no brand of acrylic had more than one gel medium, one polymer medium, one matte medium and a molding (or modeling) paste. It was from the needs of artists that GOLDEN Acrylics’ list of mediums expanded to over 46 products […]

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Barbara and Mark Golden receive a commemorative scroll from
employees at a GOLDEN ESOP Majority Ownership Celebration.

GOLDEN Employees Become Majority Owners

As of April 5, 2010, Golden Artist Colors is now under new ownership. Employees are no longer just participating owners, but the majority owners of the company. GOLDEN has become one of only 4,000 other companies across the entire United States that is majority owned by its employees. “This has been an unbelievable journey for […]

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Defining Acrylic Patina 12

Defining the Acrylic Patina

The acrylic medium for artists has now passed its 60th year since the first artists experimented and created with Bocour’s Magna®. I have been imagining and conjecturing with others for some time now what these materials might look like one hundred, five hundred or a thousand years from now. A significant body of evidence is […]

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Carl Plansky, Self-Portrait, 2005, Oil on Panel, 18” x 14”

Carl Plansky and Friends

By Gallery Director, Jim Walsh The Sam & Adele Golden Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition entitled, ‘Carl Plansky and Friends’ opening on September 25, 2010 and running through November 20, 2010. This exhibition celebrates the legacy of painter Carl Plansky, founder of Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors, as both artist and paintmaker. Carl’s works […]

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