Just Paint #22

Mixing Digital Grounds

Experimental Mixtures with Digital Mixed Media

By: Amy McKinnon When new and innovative products allow artists to break out of restrictive boundaries, what occurs is an opening of subsequent doors. Once our standard testing of a new product is complete, we proceed to experiment with the knowledge that visions are not abandoned because of product limitations and that artists will force […]

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By: Gallery Director, Jim Walsh Golden Artist Colors has forged unique relationships with artists for decades. Paints, mediums, varnishes, application techniques and archival practices have been explored and developed in collaboration with artists around the world. The opportunity to exhibit some of the works of these artists and collaborations came to fruition when on Sunday, […]

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5 New Heavy Body Colors

By: Scott Bennett The following new colors will be available in stores in the early part of 2010. It may be possible some time in the future that they will also be available in the Fluid Acrylics line. All are rated I for lightfastness, Excellent for permanency, and are single pigment colors except for Permanent […]

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