Just Paint #21

Open palette differnet times

Seeing is believing

You’d think we had to get hit on the head with a rock to recognize that if we provided visual artists with visual tools, we’d probably make our efforts to share information much easier. Well now we think we’ve got something to more closely meet your needs and desires. Due to requests from consumers, GOLDEN […]

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Amy McKinnon


I am a materials geek, a paint junkie, colored goo makes me tick. For years I thought it made a difference, what kind of goo you pushed around. I thought it defined you. As an artist you often search to define yourself. Your life becomes about self declarations. You must declare yourself: an artist, a […]

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GRAPH 1: Phthalo Blue (GS) Mixed 1:3 with Hansa Yellow Medium and Cadmium Yellow Medium

The Subtleties of Color

Small Differences That Make All the Difference Every painter knows the dance, taking a few steps back from the painting, their head tilted slightly askew, the eyes pulled tight into a squint, or the hand held in front to block off an area from view. The to and fro of action and adjustment, of sense […]

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front cover copy

Jackie Battenfield – The Artist’s Guide: How to make a living doing what you love.

Mark Golden: Jackie, this past June you published, The Artist’s Guide: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love.What got you started on this journey? Jackie Battenfield: In 1989, I took eight years of experience running the Rotunda Gallery, a non profit exhibition space in Brooklyn, and decided to use those skills on myself […]

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South Florida Testing OPEN

New Testing Results of OPEN Acrylics

Prior to being launched, the new line of GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics underwent a battery of testing to assure it met our standards as a professional artist product. These tests gave us a vast amount of data about the properties of this unique paint and valuable knowledge regarding its working properties. This information helped us finalize […]

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