Just Paint #18


Five Innovative New Experimental Products

By Scott Bennett Introduction What is an “Experimental Product”? GOLDEN Experimental Products are a series of limited-production, custom materials made available to the professional artist wishing to engage in experimentation and push the technical boundaries of their work with developmental materials. Although availability is limited, all GOLDEN Experimental Products have passed the basic requirements for freeze/thaw […]

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Golden Foundation Silent Art Auction Benefit is a Tremendous Success

Event Celebrates 10 Years, Honors Foundation Director’s Retirement & Raises Thousands for Endowment On Saturday, October 6, 2007, the Sam & Adele Golden FoundationSM for the Arts held its second Silent Art Auction Benefit at Golden Artist Colors, Inc. in New Berlin, N.Y. The auction featured artwork from more than 135 of some of the […]

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Dedicating resources to environmental stewardship has been an important company focus since 1980.

New Water Reclamation Process

By Ben Gavett   Water, nature’s universal solvent, is the most common and most vital compound on Earth. However, even though water covers the majority of our planet’s surface, the increasing scarcity of potable fresh water is of growing concern in many regions of the world. In addition to nourishment, many other uses compete for […]

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How Reverse Osmosis Works

A semi-permeable membrane, like the membrane of a cell wall or a bladder, is selective about what it allows to pass through, and what it prevents from passing. These membranes in general pass water very easily because of its small molecular size; but also prevent many other contaminants from passing by trapping them. Water will […]

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A Place for Conversation

Ever found yourself wanting to walk up to a display of GOLDEN paint and just start squeezing, drizzling and scooping paint out of each and every container you could get your hands on? I bet fighting that urge took all the strength you had, didn’t it? It’s like a kid in a candy store — you want to […]

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