Just Paint #16

Burnt Sienna Information Drawdown

The Nomenclature of Color

By Sarah Sands Introduction On our Web site, for every color we make, an artist will find a wealth of information running in parallel next to the much more visual presence of a virtual drawdown. If asked what the color looked like, or told to mix a similar hue, most would instinctively go to the […]

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Patti Brady Workshop

10 Years of Sharing

By Jodi O’Dell The GOLDEN Working ArtistsSM Program has been providing a venue for artist experimentation for the last 10 years. Many people learn best by experiencing materials first-hand and the Program does just that – provides an opportunity for playful exploration and sharing of technical information about the variety of GOLDEN products and their […]

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Natural Venetian Red Drawdown

Natural Earth Colors

By Ulysses Jackson and Jim Hayes Iron oxide pigments come from a variety of sources, both naturally occurring and man-made. The beauty of synthetic manufacturing is the ability to make very bright, strong tint, opaque and consistent earth tone colors. What may be lost with these man-made pigments is the ability to create translucent and […]

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Teal Violet Drawdown

Custom Lab Launches New Experimental Products

By Scott Bennett Color Travel Interference COLORS No, this is not a misprint. The product category is actually called Color Travel Interference Colors. This means that as the viewing angle changes, the colors shift dramatically. Similar to the Interference Oxides, they use oxide-coated micas. The unifying color effect among the Interference Oxides and these new […]

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Amien Logo

AMIEN: The Art Materials Information and Education Network

Artists now have access to a centralized repository of information to assist them in making intelligent choices about the materials they use. This newly created resource is The Art Materials Information and Education Network (AMIEN). Its mission is to provide comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate and impartial information about artists’ materials to artists, art historians, conservators, educators, […]

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Workable Medium Techniques

Below are only some of the possibilities available to you when working with the new Workable Medium products. Multiple Layering – This technique is best accomplished with the Short Open mediums, as the Long Open ones take too long to dry. Prepare a low porosity ground on your substrate, using a gloss medium. Mix 10 […]

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