Just Paint #12


Defining “Luminous Effects”

By Sarah Sands This article examines the technical aspects of creating “luminous effects” in acrylic painting. By “luminous effects” we primarily refer to the use of transparent layers, called glazes, to create a sense of luminous, glowing color and depth. We will not touch upon Fluorescent or Phosphorescent pigments, which act by a completely different […]

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Quinacridone / Nickel Azo Gold

First the bad news: We have been forced to discontinue our most venerable color, a color we introduced to the marketplace, and one that soon became our signature color – Quinacridone Gold. The pigment manufacturer will no longer support the required pigment, and despite an exhaustive search, there is simply no other source to be […]

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GAC 100 will wet out solids, including pigments, more readily than other
polymers and is useful for artists formulating their own paints.

GAC Specialty Polymers

By Dana Rice You’re seated at a white clothed table in an uptown restaurant; the chef has just placed an incredible creation down in front of you. You take a bite and a complex mixture of flavors and spice awaken your palette. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there is an ingredient […]

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Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts, Inc. Announces Award Recipients

The GOLDEN Foundation, a family foundation created in 1997 as an enduring gesture to the memory of Sam and Adele Golden, the founders of Golden Artist Colors, Inc., is operated exclusively for the charitable purpose of promoting the visual arts by assisting and supporting the work of individual artists and art organizations. In a continuing […]

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Frank Jones

Frank N. Jones is a Professor at Eastern Michigan University in the Coatings Research Institute and Principal of Coatings Consulting Services, LLC. After twenty years of industrial research and management in the fields of polymers and paints, he entered academia in 1983 as Chair of the Department of Polymers and Coatings at North Dakota State […]

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