GOLDEN Turns 30!

This past June Golden Artist Colors celebrated our 30th anniversary. I am still in disbelief at how quickly the time has gone by. Thirty short years ago I agreed to join my parents and wife in a new venture in the cow barn on their little farm in Upstate, NY. Though quite a departure from my original career path, it’s been an incredibly rewarding journey – an opportunity to collaborate with some of the most talented and creative minds in the world. It’s a thrilling experience every time I see an artist using our materials. For as many studios as I’ve visited, artists continue to open my eyes to other ways of seeing and creating new expression in paint.

This business has also created all sorts of new discoveries and opportunities. Growing up, I didn’t have any thoughts of becoming a business man. I wanted to do something creative with my life. Thankfully, I met quite a few other incredibly talented business leaders who also had no desire to be in business and thereby created a new way of constructing and thinking about business. I believe that this effort to strive to become a socially responsible business has made all the difference for me personally, but I also hope for our staff, our neighbors and our customers as well.

It’s a momentous time in the company’s history and in this 23rd issue of Just Paint, we’ve captured some of our most recent milestones as well as sharing in our featured article our continual effort to push the boundaries of modern paint technology. The achievement of these goals thus far has not been the work of just a few solitary individuals, but attainable only with the support of all of you, the entire artist community and of course all our employee owners. We are so grateful for your continued support. Thank you.


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