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We’ve just passed several milestones here at GOLDEN. In June we celebrated our 35th year in business and Barbara and I, our 40th wedding anniversary. Both events began on my folks’ farm and the home of Golden Artist Colors. This year also marks some wonderful beginnings. QoR® Watercolor has had an exciting inaugural year and we’re delighted to share lightfast testing results of these materials. Sarah Sands has summarized the massive undertaking required to assure artists that these materials will stand up to their expectations of a professional watercolor. While completing evaluations for QoR we also revisited some Williamsburg colors. Again, Sarah shares insights and necessary changes to assure artists these materials meet the highest quality standards.

Many of you worked with Amy McKinnon, a talented Materials Specialist. Although Amy left GOLDEN to begin a new venture, she contributed to two articles: the allure of umber pigments and safe use of oils, with and without solvent.

For those who wanted a less technical entry into the many products and resources of GOLDEN, Patti Brady, our Working Artist Program Director has provided a quick review of the endless creative opportunities offered by our new A – Z Acrylics set.

We are delighted to announce the September opening of Judith Linhares, ‘Flora and Fauna’ at the SAGG. Judith, an artist “with an uncommon vision”, was a longtime friend of the late Carl Plansky.

I am honored to introduce our newest Materials Specialist, Dr. Cathy Jennings. She is an amazing watercolorist and teacher, providing the perfect addition to our Materials group.

We are also celebrating our second year working with the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. We have been supporting the awards program for the students, which received over 300,000 submissions of art and writing, as well as recognizing teachers for their outstanding mentorship. This year we offered residencies for 3 teachers advancing their own painting practice.

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