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Welcome to Just Paint #31. If you regularly read Just Paint, you know our passion for what we do extends well beyond paintmaking. Our mission is “To grow a sustainable company dedicated to creating and sharing the most imaginative and innovative tools of color, line and texture for inspiring those who turn their vision into reality”. Sustainability for me and this Company is being a valued Corporate Citizen — valued by our employee owners, local community, arts community, and global community.

This concept has so many threads connecting what we do, but most of all it means making sure our products and processes are safe for each of these communities. This responsibility also means ensuring you have the necessary information to use our professional products safely. This past July, we discovered that 654, 2 fl. oz. bottles of QoR®Synthetic Ox Gall were delivered to retailers with an excess of MIT, a preservative that at this excess level can cause allergic skin reactions in susceptible people. We immediately recalled the product from retailers and distributors and put an announcement on our websites. We asked retailers to do the same for artists that may have purchased the material. We have since made necessary changes in our processes to ensure that all future batches would be at the safe and recommended level of preservative. If the product was used in a painting, there is no other concern for its performance.

As of the date of this publication, all bottles recalled are off retailer shelves. But, if you have this product, call GOLDEN Customer Service at (800) 959 6543 so that we can expedite the return and replacement of the material. Lot numbers are: 365254, 366319, 366408, 366626.

As a leading paint maker in our industry we take the quality and safety of our product very seriously and I apologize for causing our customers any inconvenience. In 34 years of making artist colors, we have never had to recall a product for safety reasons. In the future we will continue to do everything to assure that our products are correctly manufactured and labeled for their safe use. If you have questions, please contact me at


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