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Twenty-six issues of this technical newsletter and I am delighted to share we are still continuing the dialogue on color! After the success of Sarah Sands’ article on the ‘Subtleties of Color’ (JP 21), we recognized the value of continuing to provide more color resources for artists. The Tint & Glaze Poster was the first significant new tool for artists to come from this research. Following up on this work to create a printed color chart trying to represent real paint colors, Chris Farrell, our Creative Director and person in charge of putting together this chart, is our principle advocate that printing, no matter how carefully it’s done, cannot be a substitute for paint. In this issue, Chris shares the significant differences in ranges possible with commercial printing processes and real paint.

Our Director of the GOLDEN Certified Working Artist Program and author, Patti Brady, shares her painterly insights into a new Modern Theory Color Mixing Set for artists, which takes just the opposite tack from Chris, in working with a limited set of colors to produce an enormous range of mixing colors.

Continuing the color theme, Amy McKinnon, from our Technical Support team, uncovers the 18 new colors being added to the Williamsburg Handmade Oils line. It’s exciting to be able to share that the legacy of Carl’s paints being expanded to even more options for artists working with the materials.

Ulysses Jackson, from our Technical Support and Research & Development ups describes the new experimental acrylic products which have always been an exciting jumping off point for artists to test and play.

Finally, we get to meet yet another colleague from our Technical Support team, Lori Wilson. Lori is a home grown talent who has taken her skills to artists around the world. There are few people who meet Lori who don’t find themselves wishing they could spend more time with her.

As we greet yet another new year, we welcome you to our “Just Paint 26.” Thank you for your support and we look forward to your comments.

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