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Just Paint 25 comes at a time when we’re able to share many projects that have come to completion. We are delighted to announce the opening of the Golden Foundation Artist Residence, which I know will serve as a tremendous resource for professional artists and allow for continued conversations with artists, which has been the hallmark of Golden Artist Colors for over 30 years. Simultaneously is the opening in the SAGG of ‘VELOCITY,’ a thrilling show of works by Larry Poons, both a longtime friend and supporter of the company.

The featured technical article is by Sarah Sands, Technical Services Supervisor. Just as we delight in watching paint dry, we also delight in writing about how paint dries. I’m pretty sure it can’t get any dryer than that, yet Sarah has a way of making drama appear in the least obvious places. Her work advances our knowledge of how oils dry, especially important in understanding the various layers of a successful oil painting.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Ulysses Jackson, an amazing artist and talented member of Technical Support. Please call them as issues or problems arise. I know you’ll be delighted with their skills and ability to meet your materials needs. There’s no service like this in the world.

Ben Gavett, Regulatory Affairs & Facilities Director, has been working with colleagues and experts around the world, assuring our art materials meet the highest standards for safety and compliance in a very fast pace, confusing, and at times, conflicted global environment. Ben’s article sorts through much of the complication, providing a clear, practical explanation of the very complex topic of materials safety and labeling.

Finally, it is with great pride that we share the announcement made in Inc. Magazine, that Golden Artist Colors was named one of the winners of the “Winning Workplaces” award. As proud as we are of our product and service, this award stands as one of our most satisfying achievements thus far.



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