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It remains our goal in these pages of Just Paint to create a forum for discussion of some of the most important topics related to modern art materials in contemporary art. In this ongoing effort to stay relevant, we have dedicated this issue primarily to working with digital art. I couldn’t be more anxious about an issue and more excited at the same time. Our company has been about painters painting with real paint. With these articles we begin to explore some of the deeper reaches within mixed media using the new digital media. This issue of Just Paint will consider the technical possibilities of going back and forth between the virtual digital world of computer developed images and real materials. To help us do this we are delighted to have Bonny Pierce Lhotka, Karin Schminke and Dorothy Simpson Krause, the authors of Digital Art Studio: Techniques for Combining Inkjet Printing with Traditional Art Materials pen the article “Paint and Pixels.” Bonny and her colleagues are pioneers amongst the group of artists who are finding ways to bring painting back into the world while embracing the use of modern technology. To round out the topic, Sarah Sands, from our Technical Support Team has concluded the initial phase of research into the effectiveness of protective coatings on digital prints. Additionally, Mike Townsend, also of our Technical Support Team, will provide some of the critical product suggestions for working with and protecting your art when incorporating digital media into your work.

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