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From Mark Golden

Welcome to Just Paint – our long-form love affair with materials and our commitment to the professional arts community. This issue shares some recent activities at GOLDEN, including our latest Gallery show featuring extraordinary work by Ann Walsh. Ann Walsh: Colors, to some might sound a bit too expansive, but once you walk into the Gallery, it is clear this title is in fact, an understatement. The other major 2018 SAGG show celebrated our 2017 SAGF Artists in Residence, again entitled, Made in Paint. We could create another title, but truly the residency emphasis is the smorgasbord of materials these artists get to play with. And in September, we organized and sponsored our final exhibition of the year, Artists & Mentors at The Painting Center in NYC, which showcased 12 artists and educators who over the last four years, have been part of our unique Scholastic Residence program aimed at recognizing amazing high school teachers around the country who also maintain an active painting career.

We are thrilled to introduce Mirjam Hintz, our newest Materials & Applications Specialist in Germany, who is also a professionally trained Conservator.

Several new products will become available spring 2019, but one that is available now is the relaunch of our Virtual Paint Mixer (MXR). This resource is absolutely supercharged with new features and we’re excited to get your feedback!

Two articles will be seminal resources for artists and material geeks. One, about varnishing watercolor by Cathy Jennings, provides recommendations for artists seeking a different approach to this medium. She shares best practices, but also covers a wide swath of possible effects, pitfalls and new potential for watercolor artists. The second, by Sarah Sands, begins to unpack some of the myths around yellowing of oil colors and what we might expect as we watch these materials age. Sarah’s original research will shine a new light on this topic, which one would have thought was resolved centuries ago. Enjoy!!


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