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Änderungen bei Williamsburg Van Dyke Brown, French Cassel Earth und French Noir Indien

  Da es Probleme mit der Verfügbarkeit von Pigmenten gibt, stellt Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors leider die Produktion von French Noir Indien und French Cassel Earth ein. Außerdem werden wir für unser Van Dyke Brown in Zukunft anstatt einer Mischung aus Bitumen und roher Umbra eine neue Mischung aus Elfenbeinschwarz und synthetischem Eisenoxid verwenden. Das […]

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Masstone and undertone applications of
transparent colors. The paint on the left was applied in full thickness with a palette knife and then scraped to the canvas at the top of the strip. The right side was applied thinly with a brush and then wiped away to show the undertone of the transparent color. Nickel Azo Yellow (left) is a complicated, wide ranging color with a greenish brown masstone with a hint of glowing red beneath the brushstroke. The undertone transitions from an earth orange to a chromatic, almost astringent, brilliant yellow. Transparent Red Iron Oxide (center) is a deep transparent red brown with a fiery red glow. The undertone ranges from glowing earth red
to blazing orange. Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, (right) by contrast, is much warmer, yellowish brown. It is a transparent chestnut brown with a slight reddish bias in the masstone and a clean earth yellow undertone.

Williamsburg Welcomes 7 New Colors

Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors is excited to introduce seven new colors to its line-up: three warm, highly saturated hues, three transparent earth colors and a light color tint. Bismuth Vanadate Yellow, Pyrrole Orange, Pyrrole Red, Nickel Azo Yellow, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, Transparent Red Iron Oxide and Titan Buff all have ASTM lightfastness ratings of […]

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Ne Williamsburg Colors

New Special Edition Colors from Williamsburg

Williamsburg Handmade Oils announces the release of five Special Edition colors that continue to expand the range and options for oil painters. As mentioned previously in this edition of Just Paint, Williamsburg is proud to have one of the broadest variations of pigment grinds available in artist oil paints. This allows artists to determine what […]

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QoR Tube

New QoR Modern Watercolor

A tube of paint is opened, pressure is applied, material comes out and it just works. It is this consistent function of a product that allows artists to focus on larger issues such as what to paint and how to achieve it. As both an artist and a Formulator, I am still amazed every time […]

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QoR Watercolor Effects

QoR Mediums and Grounds

The recent introduction of QoR®, our new and original take on watercolors, gave us the opportunity to broaden the range of techniques and applications possible with a companion line of Mediums and Grounds. QoR Grounds greatly expand the breadth of surfaces that can accept watercolor paint and provide the freedom to create original surfaces by […]

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The thirteen new Safflower colors feature a light blue 'SF' as a watermark on their label to clearly distinguish them as colors made with a different binder.

Williamsburg’s New Safflower Colors

The evidence was undeniable as our eyes swung slowly across the drawdowns that spread out before us. The handful of initial colors ground in every possible combination of oil all pointed to a similar conclusion: there was something here that simply could not be ignored. The clarity of the colors was exceptional and in some […]

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Conservation of Easel Paintings

Edited by Joyce Hill Stoner and Rebecca Rushfield After seven years of work and including essays by seventy-nine international author-experts, Conservation of Easel Paintings is now available from Taylor and Francis, and, etc. David Bomford, formerly Acting Director at the Getty Museum and currently Director of Conservation at the Museum of Fine Arts, […]

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Williamsburg Neutral Grays

Williamsburg’s Special Edition Neutral Grays

It started innocently enough, the email slipping silently into the queue of our Inbox: “I was just wondering,” wrote the customer, “if there has been any thought of making a range of Munsell Neutral Grays in oil paints, similar to the ones in GOLDEN acrylics? I’m not holding my breath but this would be fantastic.”So […]

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Golden Artist Colors Tradeshow Booth College Arts Association Drawdown Walls

Running the Color Gamut

Although it will be my intention to present a stand-alone essay relating to the perception, use and technology of color and color reproduction, it is inevitable that references will be made to the Just Paint 22 article The Subtleties of Color as it serves as not only the conceptual starting point for this article, but […]

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Williamsburg Handmade Oils French Terre Verte

18 New Williamsburg Oil Colors

Carl Plansky’s excitement around the discovery of unique colors had expressed itself in the incredibly wide range of pigments within the Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors line. Included are many of the standard colors, interesting and unique blends and families of pigments like Cadmium and Cobalt that excel far beyond most manufacturer.s ranges. The Williamsburg Oils […]

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