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Tabel of non-vegan Golden Acrylic Colors.

Vegane und Tierfreie Farben & Kunstmaterialien

Ab und zu erhalten wir E-Mails von Künstlern, die sich erkundigen, ob unsere Farben vegan sind. Das freut uns und wir teilen gerne Informationen, damit sich Künstler mit unseren Produkten wohlfühlen können, ohne Kompromisse bei ihren Prinzipien einzugehen. Um die Diskussion auf dem gleichen Nenner zu beginnen, ist hier eine Definition des Begriffs “vegan” von […]

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Texas National Guard soldiers arrive in Houston to aid residents in heavily flooded areas from the storms of Hurricane Harvey, Aug. 27, 2017. Texas Army National Guard photo by 1st Lt. Zachary West

Emergency and Natural Disaster Recovery Resources for Artists

Obviously in any emergency or natural disaster, such as the devastating flooding caused by Tropical Storm Harvey in the Houston area and Hurricane Irma in Florida, the first priority is the life and safety of yourself and those around you. As the water recedes, however, and people are able to return to their homes and studios, […]

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C.P. Cadmium Orange

Will Cadmium Colors Always be on the Palette? (PART 2)

In our original article, which appeared in Just Paint Issue 4 (October 1996), we discussed the changing regulatory landscape concerning cadmium pigments, the potential for restrictions on their use in artist paints, and the suitability of potential alternative pigments. In this article we describe the process and results of an attempt to ban cadmium in […]

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Top: St. Andrew Cross, Bottom: Global Hamonized System (GHS) pictograms.

Label Update

A lot has happened in the ten years since we embraced what we termed “Reality Labeling” on GOLDEN Acrylics, as reported in Issue 8 of Just Paint, published in April of 2001. At that time, we announced our decision to incorporate advice on our labels indicating to the user that “most chemicals are not fully […]

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Pictogram indicating
danger of spontaneous

Williamsburg Health and Safety Updates

Williamsburg Dry Pigments have recently been evaluated for conformance to ASTM D 4236 and have been appropriately labeled in order to be suitable for household use. The exception is Cadmium pigments, which, due to their potential hazard when inhaled, are now restricted to Professional Use Only, and are not available through stores or available for […]

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Dedicating resources to environmental stewardship has been an important company focus since 1980.

New Water Reclamation Process

By Ben Gavett   Water, nature’s universal solvent, is the most common and most vital compound on Earth. However, even though water covers the majority of our planet’s surface, the increasing scarcity of potable fresh water is of growing concern in many regions of the world. In addition to nourishment, many other uses compete for […]

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How Reverse Osmosis Works

A semi-permeable membrane, like the membrane of a cell wall or a bladder, is selective about what it allows to pass through, and what it prevents from passing. These membranes in general pass water very easily because of its small molecular size; but also prevent many other contaminants from passing by trapping them. Water will […]

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