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Mountain Stronghold
Oil on linen

Conversation with Greg Watson, Artist and Materials & Application Specialist at GOLDEN

Mark Golden: I’m here with Greg Watson, one of our Materials & Application Specialists here at GOLDEN, who has been with us since 2015 and I’m embarrassingly late in introducing Greg to the many artists he’s already been assisting. What would you be doing right now Greg if art wasn’t part of your life? Greg Watson: I’d […]

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Einzigartige GOLDEN Produkte, die Sie vielleicht übersehen haben

GOLDEN Artist Colors hat seit der Gründung 1980 Hunderte – wenn nicht Tausende – von Produkten geschaffen. Wir betrachten unsere Materialien auf Acrylbasis gerne als Werkzeug. Wie bei den meisten Werkstätten gehen auch hier manchmal ein paar Werkzeuge verloren. Wenn man dann nach einem bestimmten Werkzeug sucht, findet man dabei oft ein lange in Vergessenheit […]

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New Sample Kit

Golden Artist Colors has always been generous with paint samples. The last two years have seen a significant increase in the number of general sample requests (versus samples of specific products). The sheer number of requests exceeded our capacity to respond quickly and provide the level of care and quality people expect from GOLDEN. In […]

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Wir stellen die neuen GOLDEN Heavy Body Light Value Farben vor

  Wir freuen uns, sieben neue Farben in der GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics Linie vorzustellen. Dieses neue Angebot an ausgewogenen Farbmischungen wird mit lichtechten Pigmenten von unserer Exterior Mural List (Liste für Pigmente für Wandmalereien im Außenbereich) erstellt, die mit Titanweiß gemischt wurden, um Komfortfarben zu erzeugen. Obwohl es relativ einfache Mischungen sind, können sie von […]

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From Mark Golden

Welcome to the 35th edition of our Just Paint newsletter. We have made significant upgrades on to offer much more rapid updates to our technical resources for artists. Instead of waiting for the semi-annual Just Paint print edition, we now offer monthly articles online. Our annual print edition (also available digitally) will continue to […]

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Featured Image for “Scholastic Educator Residency Fosters Experimentation” is locked Scholastic Educator Residency

Scholastic Educator Residency Fosters Experimentation

Now in its fifth year of collaboration, Golden Artist Colors has again partnered with the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards to celebrate educators across America who support and encourage the creative process! Lucy Harackiewicz from Westwood, MA; Elizabeth Stainton from New York, NY; and Rebecca Buchanan from Hillsboro, OR joined us at the Sam and […]

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One of three new test fences recently erected on the south facing lawn at GOLDEN Artist Colors, Inc. in New Berlin, New York.

GOLDEN Begins Extensive On-Site Exterior Mural Testing

Direct, exterior exposure is highly demanding on coatings, with the test fences set at a 45º angle to maximize the effect of sun, rain, snow and ice. In 1993 and again in 2009, long-term exterior tests of the acrylic colors lasting 4 and 3 years respectively were conducted in South Florida. From these results and in […]

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From Mark Golden

From Mark Golden This past year I am reminded how quickly time is passing by. For over 25 years we’ve been publishing Just Paint. For 36 years Barbara and I have been graciously allowed to participate in the creative lives of so many talented artists. And to be able to call them our friends, has […]

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Left to right: Isaac AlaridPease, Bryan Wilson, Jessica Clark

Congratulations to the 2016 GOLDEN Educator Residents!

With the success of last year’s GOLDEN Educator Program, we couldn’t help but say YES to another year of partnership with the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers! Artists Isaac AlaridPease from Albuquerque, NM; Jessica Clark from Fairmont, NC; and Bryan Wilson from Charlotte, NC; joined us this summer for the Golden Artist Colors sponsored […]

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