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Ultramarine Blue

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Ultramarine Blue stands, and has stood for a while, in fact for years, decades, centuries, as a pillar unbroken, unmovable, not fazed by its position or status. Ultramarine Blue has enjoyed a prominent position in palettes that span from sixth and seventh century A.D. into the contemporary palette of our new QoR® Watercolor line. Such […]

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Williamsburg Handmade Oils French Terre Verte

18 New Williamsburg Oil Colors

Carl Plansky’s excitement around the discovery of unique colors had expressed itself in the incredibly wide range of pigments within the Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors line. Included are many of the standard colors, interesting and unique blends and families of pigments like Cadmium and Cobalt that excel far beyond most manufacturer.s ranges. The Williamsburg Oils […]

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Make a Mark

Make a mark, erase it? Can you? Is it permanent? Will it remain with stubborn pride? Will it all wipe away except for a stain that tells of its past? Will it disappear as if it had never been there? Was it ever there? Will it smudge and spread like a tumultuous rumor imbuing itself […]

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Mixing Digital Grounds

Experimental Mixtures with Digital Mixed Media

By: Amy McKinnon When new and innovative products allow artists to break out of restrictive boundaries, what occurs is an opening of subsequent doors. Once our standard testing of a new product is complete, we proceed to experiment with the knowledge that visions are not abandoned because of product limitations and that artists will force […]

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Amy McKinnon


I am a materials geek, a paint junkie, colored goo makes me tick. For years I thought it made a difference, what kind of goo you pushed around. I thought it defined you. As an artist you often search to define yourself. Your life becomes about self declarations. You must declare yourself: an artist, a […]

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