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collagraphy w/Acrylics

Collagraphy using Golden acrylics Printmaking is the process of creating an image, texture, or mark through the transfer of ink or paint from a matrix (object from which the print is transferred such as a plate or block) to a material like paper, wood, or canvas. Collagraphy is a printmaking process in which materials are […]

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Collage Textiles 3D

MIXED MEDIA: COLLAGING WITH DIMENSIONAL TEXTILES GAC 400 will permeate fabric*, stiffening it as it dries.  Since acrylic bonds to acrylic, once dry, the saturated fabric should provide an excellent bond with other acrylics.  Expect some gloss on the surface and a slight darkening of the fabric.  Care should be taken not to roll, stretch […]

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Mixed Media Landing

MIXED MEDIA Mixed Media/Collage with Golden Mediums: Creating image transfers, stiffening fabrics or using as an adhesive. These are just a few of the ways mediums can be useful. With a range from thin Fluid Mediums to thicker Gel Mediums, mediums can be an important tool for any artist.  Collaging with Flat Textiles: Create 2D […]

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Pouring Tips

12 Color Pouring Tips GOLDEN Color Pouring Medium [CPM] extends acrylic paints for pouring. Either Matte or Gloss formulas may be mixed with most acrylic paints, although GOLDEN Fluid and High Flow colors are best suited for pouring. Here are some tips for successful color pours: SUPPORT PREP ■ Use a smooth, rigid surface like […]

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orange acrylic green oil abstract

Acrylic or Watercolor Underpainting for Oils

  Acrylic Underpainting Acrylics under oil is nothing new. For half a century artists have confidently used acrylic gesso to prepare their raw canvas and panels for oil painting. So why not use a couple additional layers of acrylic to establish your design or build up texture? Acrylics have a wide range of consistencies and […]

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From Mark Golden

Welcome to Just Paint – our long-form love affair with materials and our commitment to the professional arts community. This issue shares some recent activities at GOLDEN, including our latest Gallery show featuring extraordinary work by Ann Walsh. Ann Walsh: Colors, to some might sound a bit too expansive, but once you walk into the […]

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Ann Walsh: COLORS

Ann Walsh : COLORS

The exhibition, Ann Walsh: Colors at the Sam & Adele Golden Gallery through March 15, 2019 comprises twenty-four works made from 1986 through 2018. A dynamic language, enabled by color, is the thread that winds through the show. Ann Walsh’s color is amplified, saturated, buoyant, made inescapable. Color selection and color relationships are pre-eminent. Nine […]

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L: Bryan Wilson, Naturally Speaking: Doll Test Redux, 2016, 30” x 24”, Oil on Canvas
R: Rebecca Buchanan, F143K, 2018, 20” x 16”, Acrylic and Ink on Board

Artists & Mentors: The Painting Center, NYC

This past September 4th – 29th, Golden Artist Colors, in collaboration with the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and its affiliate national nonprofit organization, the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, sponsored the group show Artists & Mentors. The show included 12 artists who had been selected for the GOLDEN/Scholastic Artist Residency. This show shined […]

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