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Overview of tested paints, mediums, primers and varnishes for 3D prints.

Hand-Painting 3D Prints with Acrylics

3D prints have become a much more frequently used and a more readily available medium for artists and sculptors. Desktop 3D printers are now affordable and online 3D printing services are available in abundance. Some filaments allow for full color prints, but particularly in smaller prints, the quality of these prints can lack detail and […]

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Painting on Fiberglass

Fiberglass Fiberglass consists of finely spun fibers cast into epoxy, resin, vinyl ester, or thermoplastics.  It is a popular material in building and industrial applications for its strength.  Before painting, lightly sand (abrade) and degrease. With Acrylics or Oils, paint directly on the surface or prepare with desired ground. With Watercolors and Dry Drawing Medias, we […]

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Sheets of Factory manufacturing tempered clear float glass panels cut to size.

Painting on Glass

Glass Glass is available in many forms and finishes and can vary greatly in texture, from slick window panes to cast glass with a texture similar to stone.  We always recommend cleaning and testing as a first step. Generally, Oils can be painted directly onto glass. When painting with Acrylics, mix 3 parts GAC 200 […]

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Painting on Unpolished Stone

Unpolished Stone Natural Stone is available in many forms and finishes, with porous ones providing the best adhesion. Before using, always make sure the stone is thoroughly cleaned. It is generally fine to draw or paint directly on clean stones with acrylics, oils, and watercolors. If less absorbency is desired, apply a commercial masonry primer […]

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Painting Aluminium Composite Material

Aluminum Composite Material (Dibond®, E Panel®, Alucobond®, AlumaComp®, etc.) Aluminum composite material (ACM), popular in the sign painting industry, is comprised of two prepared sheets of aluminum with a solid polyethylene core.  It comes in different finishes, with a polyester-based white or clear coating being the most common. Before priming, lightly sand or abrade and degrease […]

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Painting on Canvas (Raw, Unprimed Cotton)

Canvas (Raw, Unprimed cotton) Contents and qualities of these fabrics vary widely.  The density and weave along with natural materials, chemicals, and sizing in these fabrics can directly influence its performance. Although acrylics and dry drawing media can work well directly on raw or unprimed canvas, we recommend a barrier for most applications. When painting […]

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