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Titanium White Dark Yellowed for 1.5 Years then Exposed to Sunlight for 8 Hrs

What is Dark Yellowing?

Dark yellowing is the reversible, temporary yellowing that dried oil paint undergoes when stored in the dark or subdued lighting. While noted in many historical writings, most painters remain unaware of it and become surprised or concerned when they discover it happening to their own works. Which makes sense. With no other context to go […]

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Storing paintings in vertical storage is desirable.

Technical Forum Q&A: Storage & Transport

Here are some questions and answers covered in the GOLDEN Technical support program. We hope you find this section informational and useful. While you are painting, if you come across a technical difficulty or question, please feel free to contact us for technical assistance at 1-800-959-6543 or go to Is it a problem to […]

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Insurance Considerations When Transporting Artwork

Something else to consider when talking about safe handling of artwork is transportation options. The transportation services most commonly used to transport works of art are road or air transit. Air transport is the most common, efficient and safe means of moving art over long distances, domestically or internationally. Choices include parcel services, such as […]

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Safe Handling and Transportation of Acrylic Paintings

When artists create paintings their focus is typically on issues of aesthetics. Concerns over the substrate, ground, painting materials and the overall durability or integrity of the work are typically either built into the working style, or not. Usually, last among the concerns for the work is its stability in regards to its storage and/or […]

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