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Alla Prima (Wet into Wet), No washy layers

Solving the Solvents

      Oil paint can be one of the most natural and safe materials used in the making of paintings but have, through misconception, been labeled as dangerous. Oil paint is made by grinding dry powdered pigment with linseed oil. Sometimes stabilizers, additives or driers will be used in small amounts so the paint dries […]

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Oil Swatches

A Palette of Textures

“Do you like oil paint?” It’s a seemingly, almost deceptively simple question, and one that I use at the start of almost every Williamsburg lecture and demo. It’s adapted from an anecdote in The Writing Life by Annie Dillard, where a young student, wanting to know if they could become a writer, is asked: “do […]

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Ne Williamsburg Colors

New Special Edition Colors from Williamsburg

Williamsburg Handmade Oils announces the release of five Special Edition colors that continue to expand the range and options for oil painters. As mentioned previously in this edition of Just Paint, Williamsburg is proud to have one of the broadest variations of pigment grinds available in artist oil paints. This allows artists to determine what […]

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QoR Tube

New QoR Modern Watercolor

A tube of paint is opened, pressure is applied, material comes out and it just works. It is this consistent function of a product that allows artists to focus on larger issues such as what to paint and how to achieve it. As both an artist and a Formulator, I am still amazed every time […]

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QoR Watercolor Effects

QoR Mediums and Grounds

The recent introduction of QoR®, our new and original take on watercolors, gave us the opportunity to broaden the range of techniques and applications possible with a companion line of Mediums and Grounds. QoR Grounds greatly expand the breadth of surfaces that can accept watercolor paint and provide the freedom to create original surfaces by […]

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Wax Medium blended with Williamsburg's Slate Black and Alizarin Orange Oil Colors.

Williamsburg Wax Medium

From the very beginning, oil painters have used mediums to extend, modify, tweak and transform their paint in one way or another. These have run the gamut from the simple use of solvents when creating an initial wash to much more complex concoctions and recipes that involve the blending of various oils, resins, balsams, and […]

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Williamsburg Upside Down Can

Turning the World of Cans Upside Down

Recently we set about testing a variety of solutions for what has been a constant problem: preventing a can of paint from forming a skin, especially when stored for months or even years at a time. Plastic wrap pressed against the surface definitely worked, but also created a mess when being removed, while anti-skinning sprays […]

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The thirteen new Safflower colors feature a light blue 'SF' as a watermark on their label to clearly distinguish them as colors made with a different binder.

Williamsburg’s New Safflower Colors

The evidence was undeniable as our eyes swung slowly across the drawdowns that spread out before us. The handful of initial colors ground in every possible combination of oil all pointed to a similar conclusion: there was something here that simply could not be ignored. The clarity of the colors was exceptional and in some […]

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Testing for strikethrough of oil ground on top of a size. Dark areas on back of canvas show where oil from the ground has penetrated through.

Preparing a Canvas for Oil Painting

By Sarah Sands with Amy McKinnon What follows is mainly about the materials needed to prepare a canvas for oil painting. Many important elements have been left out completely: stretcher bars, cross bracing, how to stretch a canvas or mount it to panel, instructions on applying the products, use of backer boards, pre-washing, etc. Some […]

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