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Using QoR Masking Fluid with Watercolor

QoR Masking Fluid is a ready-to-use, removable liquid made with natural latex which may be applied to watercolor paper or watercolor ground before painting. Once dry, the Masking Fluid will resist paint, allowing watercolor artists to preserve fine details and lines of white paper that might be difficult to paint around in traditional transparent watercolor […]

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Introducing New GOLDEN Heavy Body Light Value Colors

  We are pleased to announce seven new additions to the GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics line. This latest offering of balanced mixtures are created using lightfast pigments from our Exterior Mural list, which are then tinted with Titanium White to create convenience colors. Although relatively simple blends, they can be difficult to consistently mix by […]

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Featured image for Always Striving for the Best: The Introduction of Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium (PY154) & Benzimidazolone Yellow Light (PY175)

Always Striving for the Best: The Introduction of Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium (PY154) & Benzimidazolone Yellow Light (PY175)

Golden Artist Colors is a company that has a very clear goal of making the best artist paints possible! In a time when so many companies see how far they can reduce quality before a consumer notices, GOLDEN continues to resist this trend and make improvements wherever possible regardless of cost.   Artists and conservators place […]

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High Flow Tools

New High Flow Acrylics

It’s all about a fear of water, the art of levitation, and the fact that size matters. From there it’s just an issue of context. Down one path are tales of summer pool parties and magic shows; down the other a world of pigment particles coaxed into fluid paint. Considering we are about to pull […]

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Four Chromatic Blacks showing undertones via thin film, washes and glazes from bottom to the top.

Four New Experimental Products

All painters soon discover that black is not black. Black is, like any color, a general term used to describe a large range of colors. We have three blacks in our Heavy Body, Fluid and OPEN Acrylics: Carbon Black, Mars Black and Bone Black. While all three of these are nominally black, they are formed […]

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Golden Artist Colors Experimental Custom Product Carvable Gesso

Experimental Products

As part of the Custom Lab’s continued efforts to increase experimentation with new materials, we are pleased to share with you some of the products we have recently developed. As these are experimental products, availability may require longer lead times. As part of the GOLDEN Technical Support Services team, I have reviewed these new products […]

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5 New Heavy Body Colors

By: Scott Bennett The following new colors will be available in stores in the early part of 2010. It may be possible some time in the future that they will also be available in the Fluid Acrylics line. All are rated I for lightfastness, Excellent for permanency, and are single pigment colors except for Permanent […]

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