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Figure I: Components of
Acrylic Paints
Figure 2: Surfactant Exudates - pours of acrylic
disperson polymer. Right: untreated pour; Left:
pour washed/soaked with water. After 2 weeks of
drying, this pour was soaked in water for 10
minutes, then dried.
Acrylic Binder
Acrylic Polymer
Adhesion Promoter
Pigment (possibly
surface treated)
Wetting Agent
Dispersing Agent
Rheology Modifier
pH Buffer

From Formulation to Finished Product: Causes and Potential Cures for Conservation Concerns in Acrylic Dispersion Paints

From time to time – I know you may be surprised to hear this – we’ve been accused of being just slightly too technical in our Just Paint. In an effort to be accurate we have sacrificed some potential readership. Others have simply shared with us that they’ve been able to replace their sleeping aids […]

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Anita Romero Jones Our Lady of Guadalupe, 1978 Courtesy The Albuquerque Museum (Museum Purchase, NEA Purchase Grant) PC1979.92.1

Santos: Substance and Soul Presentation – Acrylic Performance on Wood

In August 2001, the Smithsonian Center for Materials Research and Education (SCMRE) in conjunction with the traveling exhibit “Santos: Substance & Soul,” presented a 4 day seminar cosponsored by the Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives, College of Santa Fe, the National Hispanic Cultural Center, and the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art. As part of a […]

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Watching Paint Dry

Watching Paint Dry – A way of life at Golden Artist Colors

Golden Artist Colors has been actively involved in research in acrylic paint technology and issues in acrylic paintings conservation for over 14 years. We have contributed research on discoloration of acrylic medium and written many articles on the technical properties of acrylic paint and paint formulation. These have included understanding the drying process of acrylics, […]

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Sam Golden Profile

Sam Golden, Paintmaking Pioneer and Founder of Golden Artist Colors Passes Away at 82

When Sam died unexpectedly, on March 11, 1997, at the age of 82, the art world lost an extraordinary friend. Sam described his work as just simply “making tools” for artists, but those who knew him understood a great deal more went on within this inventor, entrepreneur and paint maker. He had an incredible creative […]

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