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Ultramarine Blue

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Ultramarine Blue stands, and has stood for a while, in fact for years, decades, centuries, as a pillar unbroken, unmovable, not fazed by its position or status. Ultramarine Blue has enjoyed a prominent position in palettes that span from sixth and seventh century A.D. into the contemporary palette of our new QoR® Watercolor line. Such […]

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Value of Plastics as a Painting Support

Artists have been using plastics as a substrate for their work since their development as a consumer material. Early plastics were heralded with such acclaim that they were awarded special honors during the London 1862 World’s Fair. These nitrocellulose plastics were used in constructions by artists Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevsner in their work of […]

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The Science Behind QoR

Dow® Chemical first patented our new watercolor binder for QoR, (Poly(2-ethyl-w-oxazoline) in 1977. It is now more commonly known as Aquazol® when it was licensed to another manufacturer. Among its several unique properties was its solubility in a wide range of solvents including water. Its properties for use as an adhesive were first investigated by […]

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Plywood For Painting

Plywood as a Substrate for Painting

Quality Panels The inevitable questions about plywood include “How do I pick a quality panel for my paintings?” (assuming you’re looking for quality) and “How do I prepare the panels for painting?” A panel good enough for an artist to use should have one side (call it A) whose surface is smooth and free of […]

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Cotton 10 to 12


By Mark Golden Whether painting in oils, acrylics or other traditional or non-traditional painting media, the quality and physical make-up of the support and its preparation is a critical determinant of the final outcome of a work of art. The support not only sets up the working properties of the chosen media but it also […]

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Amien Logo

AMIEN: The Art Materials Information and Education Network

Artists now have access to a centralized repository of information to assist them in making intelligent choices about the materials they use. This newly created resource is The Art Materials Information and Education Network (AMIEN). Its mission is to provide comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate and impartial information about artists’ materials to artists, art historians, conservators, educators, […]

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Mark Golden Front Profile

American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works Recognizes Mark Golden

Mark Golden, CEO of Golden Artist Colors, Inc. was recently selected by AIC to receive an Allied Professionals Special Recognition Certificate, which is a newly established award category this year. AIC created the award in order to acknowledge the work of colleagues in allied professions with whom it works closely to solve problems, transfer technology […]

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