Painting on Ceramics with Acrylics

  We often get asked “What is the best way to paint on ceramics with acrylic paint?”. The question is usually geared toward painting unglazed pottery, but also sometimes glazed ceramics. We do not recommend our products be used on anything that will touch food, hold liquid or go into a dishwasher, so painting ceramics […]

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Estimating Paint Amounts for a Mural

Introduction The creation of a mural should begin long before ladders, scaffolding, and cherry-pickers are on site. Although we have amassed extensive information about mural painting, the conversation about how to go about estimating products could use some expansion. When preparing to paint a mural, the creation of a maquette helps ensure the appropriate amount […]

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The Subtle Differences of Williamsburg Whites

  White is often thought to be as much as 20% of a typical painting. Used for grounds, for opacifying, for lightening or brightening deep colors, its importance cannot be overlooked. Not only is it a critical component coloristically, but understanding the whites in your oil painting will also aid the structural integrity of your […]

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Golden Artist Colors Launches Podcast – Paint Stories – Hosted by Company Co-Founder and CEO, Mark Golden

Golden Artist Colors has launched a new podcast. Paint Stories, a podcast about what has made the journey of the company so special, focuses on the stories of hundreds of amazing artists who have invited Mark and his family into their lives, to share their love of materials and the art world alike. The first […]

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Studio Palette Options with Acrylics

INTRODUCTION Typical waterborne acrylic paints and mediums dry relatively quickly due to the evaporation of water and some other volatile components. Traditional uncovered palette systems only work well with acrylics if you are working very quickly because of this fast dry time. Our very slow-drying OPEN Acrylics are an exception, but for the purpose of […]

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EuACA’s Best Practice Recommendations for Impasto Painting with Oil Colours

The EuACA’s Technical Committee has put together a document with best practice advice for oil painters working in thick layers. We are pleased to share this document so more artists can access this information. We have added links to relevant Just Paint articles and application sheets at the bottom of this page. The European Artists’ […]

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