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Featured image for Always Striving for the Best: The Introduction of Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium (PY154) & Benzimidazolone Yellow Light (PY175)

Always Striving for the Best: The Introduction of Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium (PY154) & Benzimidazolone Yellow Light (PY175)

Golden Artist Colors is a company that has a very clear goal of making the best artist paints possible! In a time when so many companies see how far they can reduce quality before a consumer notices, GOLDEN continues to resist this trend and make improvements wherever possible regardless of cost.   Artists and conservators place […]

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Ne Williamsburg Colors

New Special Edition Colors from Williamsburg

Williamsburg Handmade Oils announces the release of five Special Edition colors that continue to expand the range and options for oil painters. As mentioned previously in this edition of Just Paint, Williamsburg is proud to have one of the broadest variations of pigment grinds available in artist oil paints. This allows artists to determine what […]

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QoR Tube

New QoR Modern Watercolor

A tube of paint is opened, pressure is applied, material comes out and it just works. It is this consistent function of a product that allows artists to focus on larger issues such as what to paint and how to achieve it. As both an artist and a Formulator, I am still amazed every time […]

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Golden Artist Colors Experimental Custom Product Carvable Gesso

Experimental Products

As part of the Custom Lab’s continued efforts to increase experimentation with new materials, we are pleased to share with you some of the products we have recently developed. As these are experimental products, availability may require longer lead times. As part of the GOLDEN Technical Support Services team, I have reviewed these new products […]

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Open palette differnet times

Seeing is believing

You’d think we had to get hit on the head with a rock to recognize that if we provided visual artists with visual tools, we’d probably make our efforts to share information much easier. Well now we think we’ve got something to more closely meet your needs and desires. Due to requests from consumers, GOLDEN […]

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New GOLDEN Products

By Ulysses Jackson Silverpoint / Drawing Ground In past Just Paint newsletters, Golden Artist Colors has highlighted many new Experimental Products covering a wide range of unique working qualities. Many of these products being produced as experiments had a short life span. However, some have gained a significant response from the artist community and continue […]

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Natural Venetian Red Drawdown

Natural Earth Colors

By Ulysses Jackson and Jim Hayes Iron oxide pigments come from a variety of sources, both naturally occurring and man-made. The beauty of synthetic manufacturing is the ability to make very bright, strong tint, opaque and consistent earth tone colors. What may be lost with these man-made pigments is the ability to create translucent and […]

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