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Fuji Spray Systems “Mini-Mite” HVLP Setup

Selecting Equipment for Spraying Varnish

Large paintings present an increased difficulty level when it comes time to apply an “isolation coat” or a varnish layer. Spraying in lieu of brushing makes sense when a smooth, defect-free surface is desired.  After all, there are reasons vehicles are spray painted instead of using a brush!  While one may be receptive to the […]

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Fluorescent Magenta.10 mil. Uncoated, with Isolation Coat, and with 2 coats MSA Varnish. Left is unexposed, right after 1 year exposure.

Selecting the Best Exterior Mural Pigments

An exterior mural is likely the most extreme test for lightfastness and weatherability of a paint system. One of our most popular Application Information Sheets, “Painting Exterior Murals” is the culmination of decades of experience and research. If you have never read it, please do. You will soon realize a mural is only as durable […]

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South Florida Testing OPEN

New Testing Results of OPEN Acrylics

Prior to being launched, the new line of GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics underwent a battery of testing to assure it met our standards as a professional artist product. These tests gave us a vast amount of data about the properties of this unique paint and valuable knowledge regarding its working properties. This information helped us finalize […]

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