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The Science Behind QoR

Dow® Chemical first patented our new watercolor binder for QoR, (Poly(2-ethyl-w-oxazoline) in 1977. It is now more commonly known as Aquazol® when it was licensed to another manufacturer. Among its several unique properties was its solubility in a wide range of solvents including water. Its properties for use as an adhesive were first investigated by […]

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Cotton 10 to 12


By Mark Golden Whether painting in oils, acrylics or other traditional or non-traditional painting media, the quality and physical make-up of the support and its preparation is a critical determinant of the final outcome of a work of art. The support not only sets up the working properties of the chosen media but it also […]

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Lori Wilson, Application Specialist

Lori Wilson Up Close

Mark Golden: Lori, when did you know you wanted to be an artist? Lori Wilson: I was 4. I was at home watching my brother. He was helping me in a coloring book, and I knew I wanted to color as good as he did. Mark: How was that nurtured in school? You’ve grown up […]

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Ulysses Jackson Up Close

Mark Golden: Ulysses, tell me a little bit about growing up and your connection to the world of art. Ulysses Jackson: Certainly the arts were a big part of my family growing up. I don’t think that I ever wanted to be a visual artist initially. I thought I was going to be a musician […]

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Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors

Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors

Bringing the Williamsburg brand under our care has brought a high level of excitement throughout our GOLDEN community. One would think that after 600 years of history, study, trial, and error, all that needs to be known about the oil media is already known — no space for discovery, argument or conjecture as to its […]

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Following the Research on the Acrylic Medium

It is hard to believe that when Golden Artist Colors made its debut in 1980 no brand of acrylic had more than one gel medium, one polymer medium, one matte medium and a molding (or modeling) paste. It was from the needs of artists that GOLDEN Acrylics’ list of mediums expanded to over 46 products […]

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Defining Acrylic Patina 12

Defining the Acrylic Patina

The acrylic medium for artists has now passed its 60th year since the first artists experimented and created with Bocour’s Magna®. I have been imagining and conjecturing with others for some time now what these materials might look like one hundred, five hundred or a thousand years from now. A significant body of evidence is […]

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