5 New Heavy Body Colors

By: Scott Bennett

The following new colors will be available in stores in the early part of 2010. It may be possible some time in the future that they will also be available in the Fluid Acrylics line. All are rated I for lightfastness, Excellent for permanency, and are single pigment colors except for Permanent Maroon, which is made up of a blend of five different pigments. I am including the opacity rating for each new color. For those of you not familiar with our opacity/transparency rating system, it ranges from 1 to 8, with 1 being the most opaque and 8 the least opaque, or very translucent. You can access this, and other information for all of the colors we make, by clicking on the color swatches in the virtual color charts on our Web site. Examples of products that are rated 1 are Carbon Black, Burnt Umber, Red Oxide, and Chromium Oxide Green. Examples of colors that are rated 2 are our Cadmium Reds, Yellow Ochre, Cobalt Blue, Titanium Dioxide, and just about any Hue that has Titanium White added. On the other end of the spectrum you have our Transparent Pyrrole Orange, and all of our Interference Colors at 8.


PermanentMaroon_webPermanent Maroon
Opacity: 3

This color, or one like it, has been on our “must have” list for quite some time since we stopped production of the beloved Naphthamide Maroon in 1997 due to pigment availability. We investigated numerous replacements over the years, but in the end we felt this blend of well tested and very reliable pigments would work best, maintaining our high standards for pigment and color stability. It fills the color space where Naphthamide Maroon used to be, which is somewhere between Quinacridone Crimson and Alizarin Crimson Hue. It is mostly synthetic organic pigment, with the Transparent Red Iron Oxide providing the inorganic component. Naphthamide Maroon was a single pigment color, while Permanent Maroon is comprised of a very specific ratio and blend of five different colors: Quinacridone Crimson (PR 206 and PR 202), Quinacridone Magenta (PR 122), Transparent Red Iron Oxide (PR 101), Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade) – (PG 36), and Quinacridone Burnt Orange (PR 206). I think all the Naphthamide Maroon lovers out there, and anyone who loves Alizarin Crimson-like, smokey, reddish violet colors, will be very happy with our Permanent Maroon. True Naphthamide Maroon is just a tiny bit bluer than this blend, and somewhat cleaner in the undertone, as would be expected in a single pigment color. Otherwise, this Permanent Maroon is very close and a gorgeous color in its own right. It dries with a sheen that is between gloss and semi-gloss.


Brown Iron Oxide
Opacity: 3

This color really fleshes out our line of browns, as it fills a color space between Burnt Sienna and the Burnt Umbers, but with a much cleaner, redder undertone. Imagine a dark valued, reddish Burnt Umber, with a warm, clean, rich chocolate brown undertone. In the masstone it will appear as dark or darker than Raw Umber, but will quickly show its warm brown undertone which looks similar to Burnt Sienna. I think this will prove to be a most useful new color. The moniker of “transparent” is a bit misleading for this color as it does have an opacity rating of 3, but compared to most iron oxide pigments, not including our existing Transparent Red and Yellow Iron Oxides, it is somewhat more translucent. It is a synthetic inorganic pigment, and dries glossier than most of the other earth colors, which tend to be almost matte.


PyrrRedDk_webPyrrole Red Dark
Opacity: 2

What a great red this is! Clean, dark and rich, it fills a color space between Cadmium Red Dark and Cadmium Red Medium. It is a heavy metal free, higher chroma Cadmium Red Dark alternative that can be used in outdoor murals without the sensitivities that Cadmiums have with combinations of UV light and moisture. The opacity rating is 2, the same as our Cadmium Red Dark, and it dries with a similar level of gloss as our Cadmium Reds, which is closer to semi-gloss. Like all Pyrrole colors, it is a synthetic organic pigment. It dries with a fairly glossy surface sheen.





BisVanYellow_webBismuth Vanadate Yellow
Opacity: 3

Like the Pyrrole Red Dark, this new yellow is a great substitute for the Cadmium that can be used in outdoor murals without the sensitivity issues associated with the Cadmiums. The color and chroma is very similar to Cadmium Yellow Light, with just a bit more translucency. Cadmium Yellow Light has an opacity rating of 2, while Bismuth Vanadate Yellow is a 3. It will provide a much needed bright yellow to the “Best Colors” list in our Exterior Mural Tech Sheet that is also included in issue 10 of our Just Paint newsletter.




ChromOxGreenDk_webChromium Oxide Green Dark
Opacity: 2

This new green is a darker and cooler version of the well known, very useful and long used green pigment. It fills a color space somewhere between Jenkins Green and Sap Green Hue, with very good opacity, and adds to a relatively small line up of inorganic greens. It is not quite as opaque as our standard Chromium Oxide Green, which is rated 1. It dries to a satin like finish.

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