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Fluorescent Magenta.10 mil. Uncoated, with Isolation Coat, and with 2 coats MSA Varnish. Left is unexposed, right after 1 year exposure.

Selecting the Best Exterior Mural Pigments

An exterior mural is likely the most extreme test for lightfastness and weatherability of a paint system. One of our most popular Application Information Sheets, “Painting Exterior Murals” is the culmination of decades of experience and research. If you have never read it, please do. You will soon realize a mural is only as durable […]

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Testing for strikethrough of oil ground on top of a size. Dark areas on back of canvas show where oil from the ground has penetrated through.

Preparing a Canvas for Oil Painting

By Sarah Sands with Amy McKinnon What follows is mainly about the materials needed to prepare a canvas for oil painting. Many important elements have been left out completely: stretcher bars, cross bracing, how to stretch a canvas or mount it to panel, instructions on applying the products, use of backer boards, pre-washing, etc. Some […]

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Weighing In on the Drying of Oils

For several days now the painting was on fire. Not a literal one – no flames or smoke wafting into the air, no one scurrying to find a fire extinguisher. Rather it was a slow, barely perceptible simmering under the surface as unsaturated fatty acids reacted with oxygen in a process frequently described as a […]

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Make a Mark

Make a mark, erase it? Can you? Is it permanent? Will it remain with stubborn pride? Will it all wipe away except for a stain that tells of its past? Will it disappear as if it had never been there? Was it ever there? Will it smudge and spread like a tumultuous rumor imbuing itself […]

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