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South Florida Testing OPEN

New Testing Results of OPEN Acrylics

Prior to being launched, the new line of GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics underwent a battery of testing to assure it met our standards as a professional artist product. These tests gave us a vast amount of data about the properties of this unique paint and valuable knowledge regarding its working properties. This information helped us finalize […]

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Three ways to seal a print include spraying with GOLDEN Archival Varnish, brushing with GOLDEN MSA Varnish or applying MSA Gel with a squeegee. These Mineral Spirit Acrylic-based products should not distort water sensitive prints.

GAC Products on Inkjet Prints

By Mike Townsend The volume of e-mails and calls to our Technical Support Department reveals a consistent increase in the number of artists incorporating inkjet printing into their artwork. While some artists’ focus is making quality prints, others see the print as a starting point for creating original artwork. This article focuses on materials and […]

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